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Getting Braces as an Adult

I have never really paid much attention to my appearance other that my clothing during my entire career. I just didn’t think much about it until over time, my teeth were starting to get even more crooked. I knew they were crooked before but it wasn’t this bad. Every morning during my daily routine before going to work I would just stand there staring at my teeth at the mirror. I kept thinking what I could do to remedy this. I know that getting braces would be practical but I just felt uncomfortable of the idea of a grown man like me having braces on.

clear correction

During work, my coworkers would tell me to just get braces and get the problem solved before it would get worse. I kept thinking and tried to look for any other ways in which I could straighten out my teeth quickly. I really didn’t want to have something stuck inside my mouth for months or years but that was the price to pay if you wanted to have straight teeth. Now I was really considering getting some braces. I tried talking it out with my friends and family and they didn’t seem to mind me getting braces. I, then, thought to myself about the social stigma that seems to revolve around braces and maybe it was getting the best of me.

So,I went to an orthodontist one day and talked about getting some braces to help my crooked teeth. There were all these terms flying from his mouth and I just can’t seem to get a proper grasp on it. But, what sparked my interest was when he said that there was an alternative I could go for. This alternative he mentioned of was called invisalign and apparently these were just like braces only that they were clear, and you could remove them as well. The catch with Invisalign is that it is more expensive than traditional braces, but the fact that it was clear and removable really caught my attention.

For days, I thought it over between Invisalign and traditional braces. I was trying to weigh in on how each would affect my daily living and my career at work. I remember before when my middle school friends talked funny the first time they got braces because they weren’t really used to it yet. I decided that it would probably be better to get the Invisalign braces since I could remove them if ever they affected my speech and I needed to do a presentation in front of some people.

When I got my invisalign braces, I was pretty happy. I wore them as often as I could so that my teeth could be straightened out as soon as possible. Taking care of it became part of my daily routine and over time I did start to notice some results on my teeth. As a matter of fact, my coworkers were surprised to see my teeth straightening out when they didn’t even see me wearing any braces.


  1. The use of clear braces for people that have been hesitant to get braces because they do not like the look of traditional braces, or other similar treatment options. Clear braces have been one of the most popular choices amongst orthodontists and patients alike over the past five years, and there are some very good reasons why. Clear braces are very popular among children in need of braces, but who feel that they may be teased by their classmates for having traditional braces. While many people actually like the look of traditional braces, some people will put of getting the important orthodontic care they need because they think that the metal braces will have a negative impact on their appearance. Clear braces are almost totally invisible, and yet they can still perform all the same functions as regular braces. The only difference between clear braces and traditional metal braces is that clear braces are made with a special high grade, clear plastic, instead of metal, so they are very hard to see. Clear colored bands are used to manipulate overbites and other problems which require some leverage between top and bottom teeth, and the bands that are used are just as hard to spot at the braces themselves. To get a better idea of what the difference in appearance between the two different types of braces, people can visit orthodontic websites like,, and check out pictures of patients with the both kinds of braces.
  2. Another thing that orthodontists want to tell the world about are the amazing possibilities of invisalign dental correction systems. Invisalign is probably the most ideal device to use for patients that have minor dental issues such as crowding, or slightly rotated bottom teeth. Like clear braces, invisalign’s major advantage is that they are totally clear, so patients that don’t want people to know that they are undergoing some orthodontic work can keep their secret. While not all orthodontic issues can be corrected using invisalign, there are many different problems which can be addressed using the simple and secret invisalign system. As the number of orthodontist which use invisalign continues to grow, the techniques for correcting all sorts of different problems continue to grow, leading some orthodontists to predict that in the next decade the invisalign system may totally replace traditional braces.
  3. Lastly, orthodontists are very excited to tell their patients about new surgeries which can be done to repair damaged gum tissue. Most patients think that the number one problem that occurs in the mouth is with the teeth themselves, yet the gums are the area which most often causes serious oral health issues. There are a lot of new surgical options being employed today which can help stop the loss of gum tissue. There are even new operations which can actually replace areas of gum tissue that are in serious trouble, using tissue from other areas of the mouth where the tissue is in better shape. Anyone who may think that their gum issues have no solution needs to have a talk with their orthodontist soon.